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Branding & Packaging Design

Client Project

Arovatika produces natural and organic handmade soap bars & essential oils without any addition of synthetic ingredients. These are passionately created using handpicked herbs and superior quality vegetable oils. Arovatika had an incredible story, and the moment we connected to brainstorm the collection, I knew it would be a perfect fit. The brand and packaging are carefully designed with the delicacy of the products in mind. I did the branding and packaging for handmade soap bars & essential oils.


My design process commenced with thorough research and sketching. The collection had to span multiple products of varying sizes. My primary goal was to have the artwork scaled perfectly across each collection, keeping a consistent size and detail level across all products despite their size. The main idea was to design a functional and straightforward visual system using geometric shapes combined with soap ingredients and pharmacy style photos. Using bright pastel colours to stand out in the market makes people want to pick up their products again. My solution included creating three pattern tiles that could be juggled and repeated to create an infinite pattern and new compositions. Additionally, Arovatika wanted the flexibility to use elements of the pattern in large format applications, both digitally and in print. To accomplish this, it was decided to vectorise a subset of the artwork. When I started developing the brand design, I worked on an idea to connect all the brand items with patterns based on logo shape. This helped me create a recognisable package design and the whole brand as well.


The packaging system has been mindfully designed not just in terms of its visuals but also the material used. Doing my bit towards the environment, I designed a water-soluble packaging system for all the products. The packaging of the entire range of handmade soap bars and essential oils dissolves at any temperature of the water, leaving no residue behind. Incase of soap bars it doubles up as 'paper-soap' of the same flavour which can later be used for travelling purposes.


I am fortunate to work with consumer goods manufacturers that are as passionate about their work as I am about mine. In the case of Arovatika’s products, my job was to make sure that each soap bar & essential oil tells a unique story, sparks sensory notes, and accurately represents just how wonderful the products are. I was commissioned to bring Arovatika to life. With tiny ornament and prettification, this packaging of these handcrafted soap bars focus on its utility and brings out the purity of the product.

This project is featured on 'Packaging Of The World'.