Premium loose-leaf tea experts. Planting seeds of thought with every sip!

Branding & Packaging Design

Client Project

Sometimes it's a merry unbirthday, other times it's just a sign of friendship. The beverage connects with the organism, makes eyes lock, and accentuates pleasant moments. This is Jarved, a premium tea brand.


Premium loose-leaf tea experts Jarved approached me to create a brand identity & packaging system to reflect their positioning as the antithesis of fast-paced coffee culture. Their mission is to encourage the world to slow down and enjoy the ancient ritual of brewing and drinking tea.


The tone of the brand is appropriately contemplative, with subtle details that convey meaning: The letter 'J' of my custom logotype and monogram references to the brand name and the freshness of the hand-picked tea leaves. This brand development was all about creating an organic & tranquil look and feel with a beautiful colour palette that suits the natural ingredients in their variety of teas. Combining the packaging with the image of a woman harvesting the tea leaves and the flavour of tea with the patterns reminded me of the era of visual experimentation that led to an emblematic aesthetic. 

Planting seeds of thoughts with every sip. Relish your cup of herbal tea knowing that you can grow it on your own afterwards. Locally sourced seeds are embedded in each brown paper pouches lets you grow your own herbs and herbal tea. 

This project is featured on 'Packaging Of The World'.