An urban outfitter designed as a set of versatile storage and display trays.

Product Design

Personal Project

The inspiration for June arrived from the idea of reorganising clutter in a vertical manner to save up space and create something useful and aesthetically pleasing. June, as the name suggests is a modern and young design amalgamated with a mid-century inspired style.

This playful, sculptural home good can be used in the kitchen, the office, on the dining room table – anywhere your items need a place to sit. Interactive, manufacturable & fun are a few guiding principles by which June’s form & function is driven. It is mindfully designed to reimagine stationery clutter with a sense of purpose & aesthetics.

June is an ensemble consisting of a wooden shaft crafted in teak wood and polished to perfection, along with a base and 7 sleek plates of different sizes and shapes made using Aluminium. The structure is a simple assembly of modular plates that can be arranged at different levels and orientations. These plates are meticulously designed keeping proportions in place. The edges of each tray are rounded, eliminating the industrial feeling of metal. The plates are given a finishing touch with powder coating. Each plate has a notch that can be clutched into the cavities in between the wooden stem. These plates are free to rotate for ease of accessibility. These plates can also be clasped at specific heights according to the user's requirements. Additionally, it comes with a dish and a bowl which allows the knick-knacks to be organized naturally without intentional effort on the part of the user.

June is designed around a unique and interesting concept of stackability and modularity. I realise the importance of keeping users in focus while designing. Hence, realising the problem of accessibility by all, when kept on a table, I have come up with a concept of freely rotatable design. Each plate can be rotated on its axis to solve the problem of accessibility in a unique way.

This project is featured on 'Yanko Design'.