A functional, modular and interactive luminaire which becomes the attraction of any space it is placed in.

Product Design

Personal Project

Tessellate is a tabletop luminaire with a minimalist characteristic in its design. It gives off a soft neutral glow which is soothing to the eye. Its contemporary design makes it an attraction of any space. It is easy to transform and align in various configurations, giving it a new look every time the arrangement is changed. It is a perfect combination of innovation, aesthetics, and functionality which makes it work well as a stand-alone object, as well as together incoherence. 


Tessellate works on the mechanism of conducting electricity by magnets. It consists of multiple light units which house the led and two base units at either end. Any number of light units can be connected in the desired arrangement with the help of magnets fixed in its frame. One of the base units consists of a power button and a battery holder. The two base units not only support the entire structure but also completes the circuit hence making it glow. 

This project is featured on 'Yanko Design'.