A multi-utilitarian convertible coaster.
Finalist - Lexus Design Award India 2020

Product Design

Client Project

The coaster is a simple product that has proved its
significance and utility in households for a long time now. There are various sizes of mugs, glasses and cups in the market for which coasters are available.


The driving idea behind developing a solution was to incorporate user-interaction and thus enhancing the user experience. Apart from these insights, I planned to imbibe the emotional aspects of equality through our design. This is my attempt at portraying "unity in diversity", racial and gender equality.

Yosha, is a simple and innovative universal product. It is a product built around an interesting concept inspired by the Indian craft of hand-painted dolls with natural dyes. It is an intriguing design that caters to the need of having different sizes of coasters for different sizes of glasses as well as serve-ware. It is our handcrafted tribute to this amazing Indian craft. These dolls are hand-painted using natural colours to depict gender equality, racial equality and unity in diversity through a variety of dolls. The design is self-sustainable and is uniquely complete making it a wholesome product. The dolls when turned up-side-down, makes the coaster into a trivet to keep pans and pots making it a multi-utilitarian product.

It is a coaster that also replaces the need for having trivets by its ability to double up. This aspect helps cut down on materials, processes, effort, time and space to create a product that has been distinctively clubbed in a single

With the potential prototype in making, this project was shortlisted as "Top Finalist - Lexus Design Award India 2020"