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Branding & Packaging Design

Client Project

Arovatika crafts natural, organic handmade soap bars, and essential oils, excluding synthetic ingredients. These products, born from handpicked herbs and high-quality vegetable oils, narrate an incredible story. When tasked with branding and packaging, I envisioned a design that harmonized with the products' delicacy.

My design journey began with extensive research and sketching, catering to a diverse range of product sizes. Ensuring seamless scalability, I crafted a visual system using geometric shapes, soap ingredients, and pharmacy-style photos. Vibrant pastel colors were chosen to captivate the market, while three pattern tiles, vectorized for flexibility, formed an infinite, eye-catching composition. Aligning with Arovatika's vision, I connected all brand items through logo-inspired patterns, creating a distinctive package design and a unified brand identity.

Mindfully designed, the packaging transcends visuals, incorporating an eco-friendly water-soluble system. Dissolving residue-free in any water temperature, it transforms into 'paper soap' for soap bars, ideal for travel.

Collaborating with Arovatika, equally passionate about their products, was a privilege. Commissioned to bring Arovatika to life, I focused on ensuring each soap bar and essential oil told a unique story, evoked sensory notes, and authentically represented their excellence.

This project's commitment to utility and purity in handcrafted soap bars is showcased on 'Packaging Of The World.'

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