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The concept for June stemmed from the idea of efficiently organizing clutter in a vertical manner to save space while creating a functional and visually appealing solution. True to its name, June represents a modern, youthful design infused with mid-century influences.

This versatile, sculptural home accessory can find its place in the kitchen, office, or dining table, providing a stylish solution for organizing your items. June's design principles prioritize interactivity, ease of manufacture, and fun, creating a purposeful and aesthetically pleasing solution for stationery clutter.

June comprises a teak wood shaft, meticulously polished, a base, and seven sleek aluminum plates of varying sizes and shapes. The modular plate assembly allows for different configurations and orientations, maintaining precise proportions and featuring rounded edges to soften the metal's industrial feel. A powder coating finish adds the final touch. Each plate includes notches for secure attachment to the wooden stem, offering rotation for easy accessibility. Users can adjust the height of these plates as needed. June also includes a dish and a bowl for effortless organization of small items.

June's design revolves around the innovative concept of stackability and modularity, with a user-centric approach that allows for freely rotatable plates to enhance accessibility in a unique way.

This project is showcased on 'Yanko Design.'

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