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Product Design

Client Project

Nominated As

Top Finalist - Lexus Design Award India 2020

Yosha is an innovative and inclusive coaster designed to elevate user experience while embracing the principles of "unity in diversity," focusing on racial and gender equality. Inspired by the Indian craft of hand-painted dolls with natural dyes, Yosha is a handcrafted tribute to this unique tradition.

This universal coaster adapts to different glass and serve-ware sizes, embodying the concept of diversity through a variety of hand-painted dolls that symbolize equality. The design is not only visually appealing but also self-sustainable, serving as a wholesome product. When flipped, the dolls transform the coaster into a trivet, providing a multi-utilitarian function for keeping pans and pots.

Yosha's innovative design eliminates the need for separate trivets, reducing materials, processes, effort, time, and space. This distinctive combination of coaster and trivet in a single design adds efficiency and purpose.

With a potential prototype in development, Yosha earned recognition as a "Top Finalist - Lexus Design Award India 2020."

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