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Product Design

Client Project

Nominated As

Top Finalist - Lexus Design Award India 2021

Bahi, an enchanting set of bowls, draws inspiration from the captivating dance form of the Indian deserts. The design prioritizes stackability and compactness, addressing storage and cleaning concerns while infusing a touch of Indianness into nut bowls for enhanced usability and aesthetics.

Crafted around the concept of stackability and modularity, Bahi tackles accessibility challenges by introducing a freely rotatable design. Each peg can be rotated on its axis, offering a unique solution to the problem.

The production process involves intricate steps such as clay baking, drawing, painting, re-baking, and glazing for each bowl piece. The contrasting tones and intricate motifs are inspired by the renowned blue pottery of Rajasthan.

The structure comprises modular wooden pegs, meticulously handcrafted by artisans to maintain proportions. This beautifully handcrafted ceramic and wood dining accessory serves as a testament to the skilled work of Indian rural artisans. It aims to showcase the rich culture of Ghoomar and Blue Pottery art on a global platform, ensuring that craftsmen receive the recognition they deserve.

This project, with a potential prototype in the making, achieved recognition as a "Top Finalist - Lexus Design Award India 2021."

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